Travelling on a Budget what to look for…

Even though most of the people on this world aren’t that wealthy, they still want to see the world and experience new things; and the best way to do so is by travelling. However, how are we supposed to travel anywhere if we have to make cuts during our everyday lives just to live normal lives? Well, there are some tips that might help you accomplish it and here they are.


There are some companies that organize low cost travelling, and you really ought to do some research about them. See how they organise the travel, if they do it by bus, by train, or by air, and then pick the one you like the best, or the one that’s going to get you to your destination the most safely. Of course, the price should also be an important factor when deciding.

Then, while you’re researching the way to get to your destination, you really ought to do some research about the travelling destination as well. Make sure you find an affordable accommodation, but also an accommodation that won’t be halfway across the town to the place you wish to visit. If you’re going with friends, you can save a lot of money by sleeping together in the same room or apartment. Don’t think of it as a bad accommodation, just think of it as a new adventure!

Buying Stuff

Remember that you don’t really have too much cash on you, and that is why you really should avoid buying all the trinkets the tourists usually end up buying. Try to spend your money on the things that mean a lot to you, on doing something fun, on seeing new things, on experiencing different cuisines, etc. For example, you could spend your money on tickets to Zoomarine by Algarve Fun. This experience is amazing and very enjoyable for the whole family.

If you’re not out on dinners, get some noodles or some other kind of cheap food that will get your stomach full, but won’t really cost you that much.

And don’t forget the important travel insurance and an E111 too. Looking to work abroad in India? Checkout before doing so!




Of course, you’ll have to get from one place to another at your travelling destination, but we recommend not taking the public transport to do that. Cabs will probably end up costing you a lot, and therefore it’s always better just to walk to your destination. Or even better, if the accommodation owner has a bicycle, you could borrow it and use it to get to the place you wish to go. It will also give you an opportunity to see much of the locality, to get to know the people, and to understand the destination a little better.

If you’re with a group of friends, take the time to get to know each other while walking, and to share your experiences regarding this travelling destination. See what it is that they liked, and maybe you could try that as well. You can even stop from time to time to talk to the local people, ask them for directions, or about their culture and traditions. Most people would be happy to talk to you, and show you what a great place their country is, and what a great people they are.

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