Best places in the UK to go on holiday

UK is a nation that attracts millions of visitors every year. Are you considering your next visit or school trip in the country? If your answer is a yes, then book your trip with World Strides.  You have a host of options available. Consider the right spots for your holiday.

Are you considering UK as your next family destination with kids? If your answer is a yes, you need to make sure that you visit the best places of the country so that you can make long lasting vacation memories.

Let us find out the destination in UK that are apt for a holiday.


There is so much to see and do in the capital city. The Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, Tower of London, Big Ben are some of the must see sights. The place is a haven for art lovers because of the number of museums that are available. There are many places to stay in London. We also recommend Harlands an estate agents in Leytonstone. If you are a foodie, London is the place to consider.


The island measures only 9 miles by 5 miles, but in respect to a family summer holiday, it is considered to be an ideal spot. The natural beauty and the diverse attractions make the mix of English and French island an ideal holiday destination for all. Consider Mayday Travel if you are interested in taking a large trip to Jersey!


Windermere seems to be the ideal destination for the adrenaline junkies. Starting from boating, fishing, skiing, swimming, you have a host of water activities to do. Hose riding and playing golf are also the options available.

The above mentioned are three places in UK that are considered apt for holidays.

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Why Choose Luxury Van Hire For Family Holiday Transport

Family holiday is one of the best moments for the family. They can tour around a city or go to the country side for camping or fishing. However, the main challenge for every family is that using a regular car can make the travel inconvenient. Nowadays, many family decided to use luxury van hire from One Executive as their transportation. There are many benefits in using luxury van and here are the following reasons why you should choose luxury van hire for family holiday transport.

  1. Capacity – When it comes to capacity, only a bus has more capacity than a van. However, a bus is not logical when it comes to family outings since it cost a lot to rent while having too much unnecessary space.
  2. Convenience – A luxury van provides the best convenience. It has enough space to make it comfortable even for a large family. It has air conditioning and some even have small television for entertainment. A luxury van hire is definitely more convenient than cars.
  3. Baggage capacity – Even if there are a lot of baggage for the trip, the back of the van as well as its top have enough space to handle the baggage without occupying the inner part of the van.
  4. Great for off-road – Though van is convenient for concrete roads, it is still the same with off-road driving whereas cars will have a hard time running on uneven terrain. Some vans can even provide the same convenience as the concrete road.
  5. Fuel efficient – Though van is a large vehicle, it is still fuel efficient and does not consume too much fuel. It also has a large fuel tank which can hold more fuel than regular cars.
  6. Greater visibility – The windows in all sides of the van are wide thus giving greater visibility compared to regular cars. This makes travelling more fun as occupants can see the view outside clearly. It also increases safety since the driver can see a lot.
  7. Stylish – Though van is perfect for off-road driving, it still has a great style. Luxury van hire is perfect for the family regardless they go to a resort or hotel. It can compete with other luxurious cars and the family will feel proud as they ride the luxury van.

If you happen to scratch the wheels on your travels, be sure to visit a highly recommended alloy wheel repair company. They will ensure the scratch is repaired and covered quickly and efficiently.

If you are planning to take your family on a trip during holidays, you can never go wrong in luxury van hire. With all its benefits and almost no drawbacks, you are guaranteed to have the best family holiday.